The Magnolia Unit

Based in Enfield, Magnolia Unit is an inpatient service focused on preventing avoidable admissions to acute hospitals, where a patient cannot be looked after safely at home. Our care, which focuses on rehabilitation, is provided by a team of experienced professionals who staff the unit. We are dedicated to the provision of quality, patient-centered care, using an inter-professional approach.

What We Offer


Available for any patient who may benefit from a short rehabilitation programme.  The patient is assessed, treated and with effective goal setting can quickly resume their previous functioning level and return home.

Rehabilitation for reduced mobility

  • This group of patients are currently living in the community with a diagnosed potentially deteriorating, life limiting condition e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or other neurological condition. They present with declining ability to perform activities of daily living. A short spell of rehabilitation prevents progression to needing admission to the acute sector in the longer term. This allows continuing functioning in their own home environment.
  • Provision of step down services to facilitate the timely discharge of patients from the acute setting. Also patients from acute hospitals who required short term rehabilitation following admission or surgery.

For patients who require bed rest and frequent bandaging and cannot be safely managed in their own home for a short period. Care is prescribed under the supervision of the specialist lymphoedema nurses.

Palliative Care
We offer short-term symptom control and assessment and work closely with the palliative care team. Some patients may require end of life care or be discharged home with appropriate care packages.

Chest, UTI, and Wounds. This group of patients may have acute confusion or be in danger of falls directly associated with an infection. Timely intervention and treatment reduces admission to the acute sector and return to previous capacity.

Join us!

If you are interested in working with us, and have the skills and ability to provide the best quality care to our patients then please view our vacancies or contact us for further information.